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Another great use of previous weeks setups (shooting jewelry on black). Create a natural shadow and reflection in Photoshop using EASY steps when placing pearls on a white or black background.

Photographing and Retouching Pearls


This four part lesson covers a new concept on lighting against a dark background, using cards to fill in areas, composing a final visual presentation, creating reflections, and other retouching topics and processes. This makes shooting on black VERY easy. When you listen to the concept of "lighting an environment that is black nothingness", think about applying these same tools to other scenarios. The application of these techniques can improve things across the spectrum of your different wants and needs.

Photographing Jewelry on Black

Top 5 Techniques for Photographing Watches on Black - an Illustrated Guide


Jewelry Specific Projects - Lighting, Camera, and Retouching

Colored Gemstone Jewelry Photography

This full project includes retouching a gemstone ring, managing colors to create multiple stone variations, choosing a prop, and placing and styling rings on the stock photography prop in Photoshop.

Photographing Loose Diamonds

In this chapter we cover photographing loose diamonds. For this setup, we complete the project using "hot lights", light modifiers, a Canon 30D, and Photoshop. This is a complete project chapter, and covers all steps involved in photographing, lighting, and retouching loose diamonds. Loose diamond images are very valuable for any online or brick and mortar jewelry retailer or jewelry photographer. In this chapter, we use our finished, loose ascher cut diamond image, to replace round diamonds set in a basket stud setting, and “create” a new piece. Loose diamond images can be used for many purposes. This includes; engagement ring builder tools, diamond stud builders, and other solitaire and engagement jewelry lines offered with different shaped diamonds.

Colored Diamond Jewelry Photography

How do you photograph colored diamonds? The process is very similar to regular diamonds. In this chapters lesson we cover the light setup for shooting colored diamonds, retouching the photograph, copying the image to create a composition, and manipulating the shadows in Photoshop to emulate natural shadows.

Diamond Bracelet Photography

The lesson topics covered are: Lighting for photographing a diamond tennis bracelet, the camera setup, styling, and retouching the image in Photoshop. This is an excellent introduction to "creating" a shadow in Photoshop. Part of prepping the image is to isolate, or "cut it out" from its original background. We then are able to apply dynamic shadows with character and direction to the photograph.


Jewelry Photoshop Retouching

Illustrating Jewelry from Scratch

Illustrating jewelry for display purposes is a powerful tool to have available. Develop product, share ideas, communicate with manufacturers, and create images for display. currently has great jewelry images on the homepage of their site. We recreate the image and explain 16 steps to emulate the same process and discuss the approach to retouching and other similar projects and goals.

Tiffany Style Retouching

A Tiffany photo look is easily achievable in minutes without a complicated lighting or camera setup. How do we prove this? We used a Nikon Cool Pix 8700, hot lights, diffusion paper, and black cards. The result: a solid "branded" look that took minutes.

Photoshop Jewelry on a Model

Email blasts get sent out every day from all different types of jewelry businesses. Many of the emails that people get feature 2 things: a piece(s) of jewelry and a model wearing the jewelry. What is often butchered is the combining of the model and the jewelry. This lesson covers how to successfully Photoshop jewelry on to a model for ads in print or web.

Photoshop an Engraving on Jewelry

Learn about using the warp tool and how it can create company & personal engravings. See how the warp tool can be a powerful tool for enhancing and retouching jewelry surfaces and textures.


Watch Photography and Retouching

Watch Photography Styling and Set Tools

This webcast covers a full length project covering how to photograph a watch. An extension of a previous watch lesson. This covers using tools within your set to get manipulate the shape the watch takes. In this project, the band is linked and we create a loosely "flying" image....its a cool one :)

Watch Photography

This webcast covers a full length project covering how to photograph a watch. A member request was made specifically to explore watch photography further. The techniques we show give you huge flexibility when producing a final image for watches and other jewelry. Watch the wrap up to see what is covered.


Jewelry Photography - Lighting Topics

Jewelry Photography Lighting

This chapter introduces the different equipment the market offers for jewelry photography. The lessons are not meant to recommend one over the other. In other chapters, we discuss the actual outcome and variances in how each setup affects how we photograph jewelry, and how are final product is impacted. This chapter is an introduction to strobe lighting, incandescent lighting, and "out of the box" products for jewelry photography.

Lighting bangles & large polished items

This webcast covers shooting large pieces that have consistent form and texture throughout. The lighting challenge for these pieces is to have the light consistently "sweeping" across the piece. Regular lighting setups, which can be forgiving on pieces with more textured and varying forms, do not work across the board. The setup we discuss describes minimalistic lighting that doesn't take away from, but rather, enhances the simple forms and contours.

Light Modeling for Jewelry

The lessons in this chapter include techniques for creating a shadow that requires less "shadow painting" in Photoshop. Other chapters and lessons however, do cover the techniques we use to take an image we have pathed and apply shadow simulation techniques using Photoshop.* Topics covered in this chapter include; lighting for jewelry with varying components/materials, creating a custom "light box", and easy Photoshop editing of our jewelry.


Jewelry Photography - Camera Topics

Cameras Options

This chapter is geared towards introducing you to the different digital cameras available for photographing jewelry. This illustrated guide, examines what what components are different in each camera and how the different technology affects your final jewelry image. We cover all cameras that are appropriate for photographing jewelry. They include: digital point and shoot cameras, DSLR cameras, and medium and large format cameras equipped with digital backs.

Camera Exposure Explained

For those new to jewelry photography, and looking to become more familiar with how the camera and lighting interact and relate to watch other, this chapter provides a "crash course" overview.


Jewelry Photography - Lighting Techniques

Photographing Jewelry on a White Background

Using the regular tools we keep handy for our "set" building, we create a miniaturized version of a classic fashion shoot setup and simulate the "blown out" background environment for hanging jewelry. This works best for necklaces, pendants, earrings, and watches too. *Note: rings are not well suited for this setup.* In addition to creating a set that we can photograph our jewelry items and get a white background coming from the camera, we also cover Photoshop techniques to remove blemishes, correct color, and apply a natural looking shadow.

Creating Beautiful Highlights

Photoshop is great. If you produce great images with any tool, you have succeeded. Making that easier however, comes from getting the most out of your photography and lighting. This setup incorporates new tools and adjustment and emphasis on previous tools.

Plain Metal Jewelry Photography

This section contains one of the most SOLID setups that we have used. If you are shooting anything from overhead that requires beautiful and NATURAL light modeling (like the inside of a ring), this is the setup for you. The ring featured in this video had ZERO retouching done to it. Retouching is great, but sometimes capturing the true reflections on metals can convey real quality that can't easily be emulated.

Lighting bangles & large polished items

This webcast covers shooting large pieces that have consistent form and texture throughout. The lighting challenge for these pieces is to have the light consistently "sweeping" across the piece. Regular lighting setups, which can be forgiving on pieces with more textured and varying forms, do not work across the board. The setup we discuss describes minimalistic lighting that doesn't take away from, but rather, enhances the simple forms and contours.

Publishing Tools

Make a FREE Jewelry eCatalog

Create an eCatalog in just minutes. Prep your image files, save them in the right image folder, specify the file names in the configuration file using a text editor or Dreamweaver, and upload the folder contents. Vwala...easy, fast, and REALLY a great resource. Branch out to customers who can access your catalog on the fly. Instead of being a catalog on the shelf of a retailer, a wholesaler, or a consumer, make your catalog a "bookmark". Include the link in your email signature. Increase the views on your product by making it easy on you AND more importantly your customer.

Styling Jewelry for Advertisements

Jewelry Photography styling using Photoshop's robust and dynamic program can create stunning results days, weeks, or even years after the initial image was created. Tweaking, is a true understatement. Take control of you style with these demo videos.




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