Jewelry Photography - Lighting Techniques

Photographing Jewelry on a White Background

Using the regular tools we keep handy for our "set" building, we create a miniaturized version of a classic fashion shoot setup and simulate the "blown out" background environment for hanging jewelry. This works best for necklaces, pendants, earrings, and watches too. *Note: rings are not well suited for this setup.* In addition to creating a set that we can photograph our jewelry items and get a white background coming from the camera, we also cover Photoshop techniques to remove blemishes, correct color, and apply a natural looking shadow.

Creating Beautiful Highlights

Photoshop is great. If you produce great images with any tool, you have succeeded. Making that easier however, comes from getting the most out of your photography and lighting. This setup incorporates new tools and adjustment and emphasis on previous tools.

Plain Metal Jewelry Photograhy

This section contains one of the most SOLID setups that we have used. If you are shooting anything from overhead that requires beautiful and NATURAL light modeling (like the inside of a ring), this is the setup for you. The ring featured in this video had ZERO retouching done to it. Retouching is great, but sometimes capturing the true reflections on metals can convey real quality that can't easily be emulated.

Lighting bangles & large polished items

This webcast covers shooting large pieces that have consistent form and texture throughout. The lighting challenge for these pieces is to have the light consistently "sweeping" across the piece. Regular lighting setups, which can be forgiving on pieces with more textured and varying forms, do not work across the board. The setup we discuss describes minimalistic lighting that doesnt take away from, but rather, enhances the simple forms and contours.

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